Kinetic Power Plant (KPP)

Our revolutionary Kinetic Power Plant (KPP®) technology is capable to be installed at any location in the world – as may be required – and to provide the required electrical energy without the use and consumption of fossil fuels. The result is 100 percent green, and thus clean energy.

In addition to the environmental benefi ts of our Kinetic Power Plant (KPP®), there are also fi nancial benefi ts: The shift over to the KPP-Technology over the long term is expected to cost signifi cantly less than sustaining traditional sources. The global changeover to renewable energy by 2030 would be about half as expensive as to sustain current fossil or nuclear energy facilities over the same period of time.

The power plants are modular scalable in size and are supplied from a power output of 5 MW upwards.

The functionality is a complex control system combined with simple physical forces that set the container system in permanent rotation using pneumatic fi lling. The buoyant force is converted into kinetic energy via a gear system driving a generator, which converts the equalized energy into usable electric current.

Why KPP?

Scalable power
The capacity you need, totally dispatchable, with scope for expansion whenever you need it.
Continuous power
Independent of weather conditions, with built-in redundancy to ensure 100% nameplate availability
Competitive power
At 25 €/MWh on a levelized cost basis (plant LCOE) with additional benefits in terms of grid balancing and reduced transmission costs
Decentralized power
Locate it wherever required, even in remote, off-grid areas.
Limited footprint
300 m2/MW, compared to 28,000 m2/MW for PV solar and 3,000 m2/MW for wind

Clean power
No inputs (fuel, water, wind, sun…) or emissions (CO2, NOx, SOx…)

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